Recently the Ministry of Electronics and Information innovation (MeitY) of India banned 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok. The choice came because of the continuous debate among India and China at the outskirt. In any case, numerous individuals are asking why the administration chose to spare PUBG Mobile despite the way that it is created by Tencent, a Chinese combination.

On one side, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts are alleviated that MeitY didn’t boycott the free fight royale game. Then again, #PUBGBAN is trending in India in light of the fact that numerous individuals need the administration to boycott PUBG Mobile too.

There’s no denying the way that PUBG Mobile is madly well known in India. A great many Indian young people and grown-ups are dependent on the game, particularly during this Coronavirus lockdown. In addition, there are perhaps several Indian YouTubers who make their living by making content on PUBG Mobile. Along these lines, it’s reasonable why #PUBGBAN inclining on Twitter is frightening for many individuals and why images like these are flooding the web.

While a few players are communicating their dread of #PUBGBAN through amusing images, others are as yet confounded about the beginning of PUBG Mobile. Clearly, a great deal of players imagine that the PUBG Mobile boycott is out of the condition in light of the fact that the game is South Korean and not Chinese.

All things considered, the facts demonstrate that a South Korean organization created PUBG PC; notwithstanding, the versatile adaptation of the game, i.e, PUBG Mobile, is created by Tencent. In this way, the game unquestionably falls into the class of Chinese applications.


Starting at now, it’s difficult to state why PUBG Mobile got away from the boycott. It may be the case that MeitY didn’t discover PUBG Mobile collecting Indian client information like other restricted Chinese applications, or the explanation could be something else. I surmise we’ll have our answers quite soon.