PMCO Fall Split 2020

The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split 2020 was announced on the last date of PUBG Mobile Premier League (PMPL) South Asia, and enrollments for the equivalent have at long last started. Qualified players can enroll between 24th June 2020 to twelfth July 2020.

Phases/stages of PMCO Fall Split

PMCO Phase

Stage 1 – Registration: This phase runs from June 24 to July 12.

Stage 2 – Qualification: The registered teams will face each other in the qualifiers for spots in the Regional Group Stage. The qualification phase will take place between July 17 and July 27.

Stage 3 – Regional Group Stage: This phase will see battles between teams that qualified from the qualifications stage from their respective regions. This stage is set to take place in August, but no exact dates have been released yet.

Stage 4 – Regional Semifinals: The qualified teams will fight it out for a spot in the regional finals. This phase is also scheduled to take place in August.

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Stage 5 – Regional Finals: The winners of the semifinals will compete for a spot in the PMCO Fall Split World League. The regional finals are set to take place in September.

Stage 6 – World League: The qualified teams from different regions will battle it out against one another, and the exact dates of the PMCO World League are yet to be decided.

Here is how players can register for the PMCO

PMCO register

Players will have to fill in the required details like Team Name, Region and Team Logo on the registration page.

Click here to visit the registration page.