Mageia Linux designer Donald Stewart has reported the accessibility of another advancement variant, Mageia 8 alpha 1. It is the main testing ISO discharge that exhibits every single new change for the up and coming stable Mageia 8.

Mageia 8 GNU/Linux: What’s New?

Mageia is a GNU/Linux-based working framework forked out from the incredible Mandriva Linux. The up and coming Mageia 8 is a significant discharge that includes various upgrades, new highlights, and updates to all bundles.

Beginning with the center parts, Mageia 8 ships another Linux Kernel 5.7.4. In this manner, portion 5.7.4 brings support for new equipment and highlights, for example, another exFAT filesystem driver, and a little force button driver. On the off chance that you need to know subtleties of every single new upgrade that piece 5.7 accompanies.

Other significant upgrades incorporate improved help for ARM. With Mageia 8, all bundles have now been worked to help Aarch64 and ARM v7 engineering.

Among devices and programming, the Alpha 1 discharge has additionally included new forms of a few center bundles, for example, loquacious 2.31, gcc 10.1.1, Chromium 81, Firefox 68.9, LibreOffice 6.4.4, and rpm 4.16. Also, the refreshed rpm bundle director brings numerous upgrades, including programmed SSD discovery and improved exchange speed.

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Besides, Mageia 8 has expelled all python2 modules and programming. Since Python2 arrived at its finish of-life in January, all center bundles of Mageia no longer depend on Python2.

Pushing ahead, Mageia installer has additionally gotten significant enhancements like better help for F2FS and Nilfs2 filesystem. Both the live and old style conditions are currently upgraded with the utilization of ZStd pressure to accomplish quicker boot and establishment times.

For a comprehensive list of new features, you can read the official release notes.

Mageia 8 Release Date

Here’s the development schedule for the Magei 8.

Stage Estimated Release Date Public Released On
Alpha 1 13 June Developers and packagers 26 June
Beta 1 27 June Developers and packagers
Beta 2 11 July Developers and packagers
Versions Freeze 18 July
Release Candidate 1 1 August
Release Freeze 16 August
Release Candidate 2 1 September
Final Release 18 September Developers, anyone

If you want to test the alpha 1 release, grab the torrent file or direct ISO image from here. As usual, the images are available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

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